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Asheville Massage

Are Different Types of Massages Offered By Asheville Massage Really Different?

Most people think that a massage is just a massage. It is the kneading of the skin and muscles done in a relaxing way. However, those who do not regularly get massages may not realize that places such as Asheville Massage offer different types of massage, and that each of these massages is slightly different. Here at Asheville Massage and Wellness, some of the massage types that we offer include Sports Massage, Swedish Massage, Deep Tissue Massage, and Yomassage. Some massages, such as Deep Tissue Massage, work the tissue and muscle more, and are not as soft and relaxing as other types of massages. Consider what your needs are, such as getting a knot out of your back or loosening muscles versus relaxation and pampering, to determine what type of massage may be ideal for you. When you are ready, call us at Asheville Massage and Wellness to schedule your appointment today.

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