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"Treat the cause, not the effect" -Dr. Edward Bach

Our staff is fully vaccinated. We have air purifiers in each treatment room. We use Covid 19 eliminating cleaners on all supplies, surfaces and in our laundry products. 

All of are massage products, massage oils and essential oils are 100% Organic.

Asheville Massage and Wellness is a community-centered hub offering a variety of services to help you de-stress and heal from the inside out. We currently offer Massage Therapy,  Individual Yoga Sessions and a limit of 10 for small Art classes, some Sundays, with fully vaccinated instructor - vaccination cards required - mask required. Call for details.

Regardless of where you are in your wellness journey, we strive to be a place of respite while working with you to create lasting change.

Our commitment to you is to create a safe and inclusive environment. Regardless of your age, race, gender, or sexual orientation, you are welcome here.

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Back Massage
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Alanna Southerland, LMBT # 19721

Massage Therapist

Alanna loves to utilize Trigger point therapy  and myofascial release  techniques with folks who have specific acute or chronic pain and are looking for a focused, yet comforting & intuitive massage.  She takes pride in providing a relaxing massage while still  offering a firm therapeutic touch that provides sustainable relief.


Massage & holistic health  has been her calling since she was a young teenager. Through utilizing western medicine, it became very evident that a more natural approach was necessary for me to thrive.


She firmly believes it is critical to deepen your  relationship with your body.  Self awareness & self care offer the greatest  potential for a rich and fulfilling life and that you are deserving of making a commitment to your health! 

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