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Massage Therapist

Morgan Landis found Massage Therapy through her own personal journey of looking for well rounded, holistic healing. She believes that mental and physical health are directly related to each other, and is excited that Massage Therapy can address both.


Morgan graduated from Western North Carolina School of Massage in 2022 and quickly fell in love with the practice. She concentrates in a form of relaxation massage integrated with Deep Tissue and trigger point release therapy. She aims to create an experience that soothes the body and mind while being physically beneficial for pain management.


She is also an alumni of Warren Wilson College with a bachelor's degree in Fine Arts. As an artist she finds a connection between art and Massage Therapy, understanding that massage, too, can be creative and intuitive. She was also a member of the WWC cycling team and knows the importance of taking care of an active body. Using her past experiences to inform her practice, she aims to curate each session directly to her client's needs.


For Morgan, there is great joy in aiding others to heal in both body and spirit!


"Treat the cause, not the effect" -Dr. Edward Bach

Asheville Massage and Wellness is a community-centered hub offering a variety of massage services to help you

de-stress and heal from the inside out. 


Our commitment to you is to create a safe and inclusive environment. Regardless of your age, race, gender, or sexual orientation, you are welcome here.

Regardless of where you are in your wellness journey, we strive to be a place of respite while working with you to create lasting change.

It is our hope that you feel comfortable in this wellness center as it is our desire for you to come to in for massage on a regular basis so our highly skilled team can assist you with your wellness goals. We suggest that you come in monthly so that you give your muscles the attention they need to come to a natural resting place. Yet if you cannot come in monthly we feel that any amount of massage is good for your wellbeing.

It is our goal to provide a safe, inclusive, clean center and we hope to serve you in years to come. Is is our passion to enhance the community by providing wellness services that will help you come home to yourself as we provide the space, treatment and quality of care to support you in your journey towards, health and wellness.

It is our promise that we will be transparent with you and honor that you are allowing us to serve you. We will not try to sell you services that will not enhance your wellness goals or tell you what you need but only assist you with your wellness plan. If you have questions about your aftercare between treatments we are happy to answer those questions without any coaching fees. 

Our staff is fully vaccinated. We have air purifiers in each treatment room. We use Covid 19 eliminating cleaners on all supplies, surfaces and in our laundry products. 

All of are massage products, massage oils and essential oils are 100% Organic.

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